How does drug checking work?

Drug check­ing involves the chemi­cal analy­sis of illegal drugs. This analy­sis can identify psychoac­tive substances and deter­mine their quantity in the sample.

The goal of drug check­ing is to warn poten­tial users about substances that are partic­u­larly harmful to health, reduce the risks of overdose, and enable users to make informed decisions about drugs.

Is drug checking legal?

In Switzer­land, Austria, France, Spain, and Germany, drug check­ing is both legal and backed by local author­i­ties. Government-funded organi­za­tions provide these services, acknowl­edg­ing the reality of recre­ational drug use. Instead of pursu­ing legal actions, they focus on helping individ­u­als reduce poten­tial risks associ­ated with drug use. Your safety is their priority.

Drug Checking in your area

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Where can I check my drugs?

Find confi­den­tial advice or drug counsel­ing near you or download the KnowDrugs App to find free and trusted drug check­ing services nearby.

Safer use

Can’t verify your substances?

Drugs can pose a threat to your well-being. If you choose to consume them, here are some key recommendations:


Drink enough water to mitigate effects.

Dose Awareness

If unsure about potency, take a smaller dose.

Buddy System

Never use drugs alone; look out for friends.

Emergency Preparedness

Learn overdose signs and how to react swiftly.

Avoid Mixing

Combin­ing drugs, includ­ing alcohol, can have severe side effects.

What can an overdose look like?

Recog­niz­ing overdose signs is crucial for swift, life-saving action. Common symptoms may include:

Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath

Confusion or loss of consciousness

Vomiting or seizures

Better safe than sorry: If you or friends feel unwell after substance use, seek immedi­ate medical help. For expert advice on dealing with overdoses, check out our location map.

Download the KnowDrugs App

Download the KnowDrugs App for Android or iOS to stay updated about the latest drug check­ing results and learn about dosage, effects and inter­ac­tions of more than 200 psychoac­tive substances.

This is us: Safer highs

Safer highs is driven by personal experi­ences and one mission: to promote drug check­ing. We value informed choices and prior­i­tize the well-being of those in recre­ational drug use. While no drug use is entirely safe, drug check­ing can save lives. Join us in spread­ing the word and break­ing the stigma: Safer highs for safer lives!


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